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Wednesday, 20 February 2019 11:37

From economic crisis to Eastern European adventure

Horsens company BB Electronics has just bought the Czech company Wendell Electronics. The acquisition is the culmination of a long-awaited desire.

A long-awaited wish was granted when Carsten Christensen, CEO of the Horsens company BB Electronics, signed a piece of paper in the Czech Republic on Thursday night. The signature finalised the Danish company's acquisition of the Czech electronics company Wendell Electronics, which employs 130 employees. "It has long been a desire to enter Eastern Europe, even before we went into crisis. This will underpin our growth goals", says Carsten Christensen. Seven years ago, there was not much that suggested that the Horsens company, which produces electronics and automation solutions, should realise the dream of an Eastern European adventure. - Read the rest at the link below (article is in Danish).

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