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Monday, 28 April 2014 08:22

Annual Accounts 2013: New strategy helps BB Electronics through 2013

Significant progress for BB Electronics, who despite a positive EBITDA, has a bottom line in the red.

”2013 has been a challenging year, so we are very satisfied with the improved result, which means we are back on track faster than expected”, says CEO, Carsten Christensen.

”We have increased our focus on the market’s needs. Also, we have carried through internal process optimisations across production units, thus increasing productivity to the benefit of competitiveness and profitability. Additionally, we have strengthened cooperation with our customers further, which have improved relations externally. We deliver innovative products of a high quality, and furthermore our customers receives a reporting, which makes our cooperation more transparent”, Carsten Christensen continues.

”Despite a significantly improved result and a positive EBITDA we do not consider the result as satisfying due to the bottom line still being in red. The outlook for 2014 is positive due to a considerable growth in order intake from a broad range of customers. This means, that BB Electronics will once again have black figures on the bottom line in 2014”, Carsten Christensen ends.

BB Electronics, who’s headquarters are located in Horsens, has in 2013 also relocated administrative activities to the subsidiary in Suzhou, China, while the sales department and a continuous significant part of production still is located in Horsens. Today, BB Electronics employs around 500 people, which is expected to slightly increase during 2014.

In 2013 BB Electronics realised a turnover of 425 mio. kr., an operating profit before depreciations (EBITDA) of 9 mio. kr., and a result before tax of -16 mio. kr. During the year the working capital has been successfully improved accordingly, leaving the solvency rate on 34%.


2013 2012
Turnover 425 583
Result of the year (16) (35)
Equity 70 88

Further information:
CEO, Carsten Christensen (+45) 25 38 33 39

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