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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 08:08

BB Electronics completes successful alignment of business activities and is prepared for growth

Having reduced the losses of previous years, BB Electronics in Horsens is now ready for the next strategy phase, creating higher top line growth and profitability.

A couple of years ago, BB Electronics launched a new strategy, intending to improve efficiencies and turn the company more towards the market. During 2014, BB Electronics has satisfied these targets and has now implemented the next strategy phase - launching the growth strategy BB PLUS.

"We can now reap the benefits of our efforts in recent years, and will continue to focus on growth and increased profitability," says Carsten Christensen, CEO.

"At the centre of BB Plus is the marketing of the company to select customer groupings, putting the mantra "being a mutually good match" at the forefront, and for management to remain visible. In the future, we will also focus on creating value for new and existing customers, so that they may experience an overall cost improvement related to our products and services," adds Carsten Christensen.

Ole Steen Andersen, Chairman of the Board, has a similarly optimistic view of the future:

"We have realised a significant increase in orders from existing and new customers alike. So 2015 is going to be an exciting year, and one during which we expect significant growth in operating income," says Ole Steen Andersen, Chairman of the Board.

BB Electronics continues the production automation and the implementation of robot technology at the factory in Horsens, allowing the company to improve its position in the Danish market where the sales department and a significant proportion of production are still located. The investments in Suzhou have also continued, and this factory is now fully on level with the one in Horsens.

BB Electronics realised a 2014 turnover of DKK 365M and an operating profit before amortisation (Normalised EBITDA) of DKK 16M. During the year, the solvency ratio has been further strengthened, and is now at 35%. BB Electronics employs approx. 100 staff in Denmark and just over 400 in China, with a minor increase expected in 2015.


 2014 2013
Turnover 365 425
Normalised EBITDA 16 9
Profit or loss for the year (5) (16)
Shareholders' equity 73 70

Further information:
Carsten Christensen, CEO +45 25 38 33 39
Ole Steen Andersen, Chairman of the Board +45 40 15 66 48


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