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We are very happy to announce that BB Electronics has been acquired by the Norwegian EMS company, Kitron – what a Christmas pressent to reveal :-)

The transaction will provide both companies' customers with an even better offering, among others by offering production facilities in more geographies. BB Electronics will continue to be an independent EMS provider, but with Kitron as new owner and we are so excited about the new journey, we are about to go on with Kitron!

The current BB Electronics organization is well run and has particular strengths, and there will be very little change to the operation. This includes management, footprint and way of working. The CEO Carsten Christensen will join the Kitron Group management, maintaining current responsibilities. The company will keep operating under the BB Electronics name.

For more information please read the press release

The annual report for BB Electronics has just been released, and the figures show that 2020 has not been a satisfying year for BB Electronics. Revenue has declined compared to 2019. Especially the Corona pandemic’s arrival is one of the reasons why the annual accounts show disappointing figures. You can read the full Press Release (in English) and the annual report for more information.

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Despite an impressive 2019 annual accounts showing a top line growth of 30% and good profitability, BB Electronics is rolling up the sleeves and prepares for a new year with several interesting projects which will strengthen the partnership to customers

The past year has been busy in BB Electronics. ”In February 2019, we acquired a factory in Czech, which we have worked dedicated on getting fully integrated so that our customers experience that they are met with the same services across our three factories”, says Chairman of the Board, Sven Ruder, and continues:" With the new factory, we are ensuring that we to an even higher degree can meet our European customers' need for box-build production, flexibility and better logistics”.

In addition to the Czech acquisition, BB Electronics is also in the process of relocating the factory in Suzhou, China. “The success of our customers meant that we saw a greater demand for our services. Therefore, we decided to move our production in Suzhou to a factory that is 3000 m2 larger. This enables us to support our customers' future growth”, says CEO, Carsten Christensen.

The figures speak their own clear language, but that doesn't mean BB Electronics leans back. "2019 has been an eventful year", says Carsten Christensen: "while BB Electronics has succeeded with two major internal projects, we have at no time during the processes lost focus on customer needs. And we see continued positive development in the coming year as we intensify our focus on automation, so that we can strengthen cooperation with customers. 2020 will be another exciting year with lots of activity”, concludes Carsten Christensen.

Read the full press release (in English) and the annual report for more information.

For press release in Danish, please click here.

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