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Design services

Reaching the stars requires a meticulously planned launch 

Efficiently managed development is the best possible start for any product, period. It is essential for rolling out production configurations that are cost-optimised right from day one. Our aim is to ensure that your new product is as competitive as possible in terms of price, reliability, risk and logistics efficiency.

At BB Electronics we can provide customers with comprehensive design for manufacturing (DFM) support as an integral part of the development and prototyping process. Furthermore, we are specialists in Design for Automated Assembly (DFAA) and Design for Test (DFT). We have vast, cumulative experience within nearly all aspects of electronics production, System Integration, logistics management, quality and risk assurance. 

Speeding up your time to market
Our customers benefit from the systematic application of our accumulated know-how, which assures high-quality products. Our DFx procedures can be applied to the development of new products as well as the updating and improvement of existing ones. Using a DFx focus from the outset makes sure that each product is designed so that it can be produced at the lowest feasible cost and as rapidly and efficiently as possible to minimise your time to market.

DesignLink keeps you in the loop
DesignLink also ensures efficient, glitch-free collaboration with many leading electronics development R&D houses and specialists, as well as our many other working partners.

Our DFx-related services, available either separately or in packages to meet your specific requirements, include:

  • project management in conjunction with implementation of new products
  • providing component and process advising and design guidelines
  • optimised design to meet fixed or generic automated assembly
  • design test strategies and providing test system development
  • component and material selection and evaluation
  • supplier assessment and selection
  • fast-track prototype production and testing
  • Frequent EOL screening, including proposals for alternative form fit and function components
  • Product Life Cycle Assessment to improve market availability and reliability


Because no one likes glitches, least of all us

BB Electronics has a unique prototype set-up, which provides the ideal transition from design, development and prototyping to the initial production runs. Our DFM and DFAA focus and integrated procedures enable you to ramp up effectively, with all the predictable glitches ironed out in advance.

BB Electronics has prototype building as one of its focus areas in providing DesignLink services to customers.  We see it as an important step to help you be more competitive. With the complexity and miniaturisation of modern electronics it is of paramount importance that the prototype quality level is 100%, and prototypes are delivered to you in a very short time. Together with all the delivered prototypes, our NPI team provides a prototype report with our observations and suggestions for improvements.

Lightning fast prototype and pilot production
BB provides a fast and flexible set-up, allowing us to deliver a working prototype within 3 weeks and pilot production within 6 weeks.

Two worlds, one mindset
Besides state-of-the-art technology and dedicated equipment, other equipment like our flying probe tester, AOI vision and x-ray equipment are also available in BB Electronics' factories in Horsens and Suzhou, China. A further feature is that the prototypes are assembled on the same type of equipment that is used in the series production at our factories. This gives you an advantage, as eventual volume production is much more easily transferred, thus avoiding double startup costs.

Testing, testing, testing
We can also help you set up the most appropriate validation and test procedures, ensuring that you avoid any unnecessary costs, and that all documentation and warranty requirements are fulfilled right from the start.


A next-level supply chain designed to meet your demands

Efficient materials purchasing and logistics management play a key role in the optimised value chain available to BB Electronics customers. No stone is left unturned when it comes to meeting and exceeding your requirements, however stringent they may be.

Our global sourcing concept of close relationships with a wide range of specialised, preferred suppliers focuses on cultivating and extending a qualified supplier base throughout the world. This ensures that we always have carefully evaluated and reliable suppliers at our disposal.

Optimised price, quality, delivery readiness and technical innovation
At the same time, global sourcing focuses on constant optimisation in terms of price, quality, delivery readiness and technical innovation – a process where both we and our suppliers ensure mutual development and fine-tuning of the supply chain performance. This allows us to offer continuous cost down proposals for our customers.

A global network of partners you can count on
Suppliers and working partners approved for inclusion in the BB Electronics global sourcing concept are carefully assessed and vetted in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. We work closely with them to ensure not only are cost price levels competitive within a globalized market structure, but also their doing in relation to people, environment and ways of trading.

Global Sourcing operations take place out of Denmark and out of China. Our suppliers are found all over the globe.


A production set-up we can configure any way you want by choosing from our various standard solutions


A uniquely flexible production set-up that is configured to provide each customer with virtually the entire spectrum of end-to-end EMS services, making it possible to select the exact mix to ensure you the optimal cost profile at each stage of your product’s life cycle.

Superior EMS services require people power just as much as technological power. That is why a customer focus team is assigned to each customer, to provide rapid-response action for ongoing alterations and improvements in specifications and packaging, and to meet your changing production, service and logistics requirements. Due to our standardised process, we are also able to offer you full traceability on your products.

Ensuring you the most cost-effective configuration
Each of our plants provides a different service mix, but with the same seamless product management interface and business systems. This means that the customer focus team can work with you to seamlessly allocate your production assignments to the most cost-effective configuration, as and when your needs change and develop. 

The best of both worlds
You have the advantage of prototyping, development and early production close at hand in Scandinavia, with high mix, mature production available within a more appropriate cost/benefit structure in China.

Full-service facilities
We operate a number of complete SMT lines for surface mounting all types and sizes of components, as well as the latest conventional mounting equipment, and can offer both lead-free and leaded wave soldering, selective soldering and vapor phase soldering.

We have highly skilled and IPC-certified operators delivering high-quality hand soldering compliant with IPC acceptance class 2 or 3. 

Manufacturing takes place according to IPC / IAE assembly standard J-STD-001.

Conformal coating takes place in automatic and semi-automatic equipment.

In-moulding in hot melt, epoxy resin or other types of mould is also part of our capabilities.

These are backed by an extensive range of sophisticated testing technologies that include:

  • Automatic optical inspection of component pavement and soldering
  • Flying probe and X-ray inspection of component placement and soldering
  • In-circuit test and function testing based upon standard tester or custom-specified
  • Boundary scan testing
  • High voltage and safety tests
  • Global test platform allowing you to make a small fixture investment for a high test coverage
  • Environmental burn in, mechanical chock and stress test in climate chamber
  • Handling of fine-pitch BGA soldering processes
  • High-level box build and system integration competences

We operate three separate production facilities with a total of more than 20,000 sqm:

  • Horsens, Denmark
  • Suzhou, China
  • Lanškroun, Czech Republic

Programming & configuration

System integration and high level tested products directly to the end customer

Our system integration services consist of PCBA mounting to housings, (mechanics, mechatronics, and cable connections), software loading, configuration, system tests, packaging and documentation of the products.

Products are completed and ready for use by the end customer.

We offer you eg:

  • High level box build and system integration competences
  • Robot assembly production
  • Precision mechanical assemblies at a high level
  • High voltage, and safety tests
  • Global test platform allowing you with a shot ROI to obtain a high test coverage
  • Environmental burn in, mechanical chock and stress test in climate chamber
  • End customer configuration and test

Utilize BB Electronics experienced system integration setup for your products
We allow you to focus on what you do best - Designing and selling your products. By utilizing the skilled and dedicated resources at BB Electronics you will be able to continuously focus on your core competences. We deliver you products complete, tested, documented and ready to be delivered exactly when and where you need it.

Shipment & distribution

Delivered exactly when and where you need it

The BB Electronics value chain enables our customers to integrate expertly managed logistics operations as closely as possible with their sales or production flow.

We offer you free choice between different logistics models to provide you with the flexibility and cost-effective solution you need. Logistic models can be 100% customer specific and often based upon adaption of e.g.:

  • Make to order
  • Make to forecast with time-dependent flexibility on liability binding
  • Blanket order / frame order for specific volume with shorter fixed lead time
  • Buffer stock for finished or semi-finished goods with short delivery time
  • Buffer stock for components with short manufacturing time
  • Manufacturing in Asia with buffer stock in Europe
  • Consignment stock at customer site
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Weekly deliveries based on customer’s actual sales and recurring buffer calculation
  • Single piece distribution to end customer

Allow us to deliver the goods for you
We pack your products according to your exact specifications. We provide the serial numbers, batch numbers and any other EDI identifiers you stipulate, and we can dispatch the finished products to the end-user in accordance with your instructions.

We work closely with preferred major transport and shipping companies so that you can be completely sure that your products are delivered directly to your customers – on time, every time. Rapid, reliable delivery in the correct packaging, with the correct documentation and with an error-free electronic path is an important competitive parameter – we make sure it gets done.

After sales

After-sales and customer service? Leave it to our experts

BB Electronics can also relieve your company of many of the practical burdens associated with after-sales and customer service, both within the warranty period and after.

BB Electronics can be a cost-effective way to secure the capabilities needed to meet modern service obligations for advanced-technology electronics, which normally require both specialist equipment and trained staff. We can make the necessary decisions about whether it is cheapest to repair or replace, and carry out whatever service is required.

Our resources therefore enable you to bundle your electronics products with revenue-generating service contracts and repair agreements.

Planning ahead 
Our after-sales services are also forward-looking. We monitor supplier relationships and can normally warn you in advance if component supplies might be jeopardized. This helps you manage product life cycles more effectively, avoiding wasted investments and with cost-minimized phase-outs.


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